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Water current

Realfish buoy

We offer the best solution in the market for real-time water current measurement. A Nortek doppler instrument is attached to the buoy and allows for measurement of currents in three or more depths. Additionally, by connecting oxygen and salinity sensors to the buoy, you will also get valuable reference data for the measurements you collect inside the cages.

The buoy is built to withstand rough handling and includes a reflex label, a radar reflector and an option for a light beacon.

Supported sensors: Water current, oxygen, salinity and temperature
Equipment: Extra battery can and optionally a light beacon
Battery capacity: 600 Wh

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Realfish Buoy

Realfish station

Rock-solid solution for collecting oxygen and salinity data. You can connect up to four sensors enabling you to make measurements in different depths. The installation is done in a few minutes and you will immediately have access to real-time data through Realfish Web.

Supported sensors: Oxygen, salinity and temperature
Equipment: Fastening bracket for cages
Battery capacity: 300 Wh

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Realfish station


Our focus has always been to deliver first-rate data. With extremely reliable and robust sensors for measuring salinity and oxygen, you can always be confident. To ensure quality and minimal maintenance, Nortek Doppler instruments are used to measure water currents.

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